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Whether you want to model as a hobby or as a professional, there are basic requirements to becoming a successful plus model.

This class will help give you insight on what is required to enter the field of plus modeling, including the different types of modeling, casting tips, industry lingo, pay scales, and how to seek agency representation.


If you are going talk the talk, you had better make sure you can walk the walk. Learning how to work the runway is an important aspect of modeling.

This class will allow students to learn specific runway terms and points as well develop their walk and become comfortable on the runway.


So, you’ve learned what it takes to be a plus model and you’ve done really well on the local scene.  Now, it is time to up the stakes a bit and learn how to market yourself as a free-lance model until you are signed by an agency.

This class will give you tips on how to market yourself as an entrepreneur and a free agent until your big break happens!


It’s not what’s outside but what’s underneath that counts!  Foundation undergarments and proper bra fit are extremely important items for plus size models.  It has been proven that most women do not know their correct bra size.

In this class, students will learn about the different types of foundation, its proper wear, and how it enhances the overall appearance.


In the world of runway – clothing takes center stage and make-up must compliment the clothing at all times.  Although most professional modeling gigs provide a hair and make-up team on set, every model MUST know how to “paint” their own face in case of a production emergency.

In this class, students will observe a beauty makeover and learn how to apply their own make-up.


Image is everything and in the world of fashion, you only get one chance to make an impression on casting agents.  Style and image are extremely important in the modeling industry.  Style also plays a part when you develop a “look’ for your photo shoots.

This class will give students tips on how to perfect a “model look,” how to dress for their body types and recommend style tips for photo shoots.


Students will take an active part in this practical and fun session, which will explore various ways to ensure that your photo sessions are successful and rewarding.  In short, it is a mini-photo shoot!  We will help you with your poses, facial expressions, etc.

Students should come hair and make-up ready!

This class will teach you how to find various work within the modeling industry without being on the runway.

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